Tuberose Patchouli Perfume Oil, Fragrant Oil, Vegan Perfume Oil, Natural Perfume Oil

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Tuberose patchouli perfume oil is a very sensual scent, the combination of the floral and the musky patchouli is a delicious scent. made with organic fractionated coconut oil and highly concentrated Phthalate free fragrances and essential oil. The coconut oil gives the perfume a silky richness that glides on and soaks in readily without leaving a greasy spot. Perfume oil comes in a 1 ounce bottle with an orifice reducer to allow you small droplets of oil in the areas you choose.

Due to differences in body chemistry from person to person, scents may smell differently with your body than another person. Also, scents smell differently in the bottle, once first applied, and then later during the dry down due to the evolution of the scent. if you have any questions regarding scents, please ask before purchase!