Skin Detox Bath Salts and Skin Detox Soap

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Skin detox bath salts and skin detox soap, this is a perfect little gift save on both product and shipping when you buy these together.

Skin detox bath soak are just what the body needs to pull impurities from the skin. Wind down with these amazing bath salts. Packed with organic herbal extracts, dead sea salts, epsom salts, apricot oil and essential oils, Detox bath salts will leave you feeling relaxed and your skin feeling superb.Bath salts come in a heavy duty food grade zip lock bag. Bath soak weighs 9 ounces. There is no recommended amount of salts per bath. It just depends on how strong you would like it and the size of your tub. You will receive one 9 ounce pack of salts from this listing.

Skin detox soap is perfect for small bumps on the back and butt. Detox body soap is made from 100% vegetable based kosher certified glycerin mixed with a blend of essential oils that are good for detoxifying the body and skin. This soap has a light citrus scent. Detox soap is 3 x 3 inches and 1 inch thick. All pigment is vegetable based.You will receive one detox soap.No wash cloth is needed with this soap. These are Unisex Soaps.

Glycerin soaps are packaged in biodegradable cello wrap with labels.

Weight: 6.0 oz. – 6.5 oz.
Dimensions: 3.0”x3.0”x1”
Scented: essential oils