Men's Cedarwood Orange Soap and Soap Dish

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Men's Cedarwood orange Soap and wooden soap dish. Soap and soap dish gift set.This is the perfect gift for him, for your husband, boss, boyfriend, father, co worker or friend.

Men's cedarwood orange is a warm and luxurious shea butter soap is the perfect blend of rich cedarwood and sweet orange , shea butter soap is moisturizing and soothing to dry skin. You will receive one handmade soap from this listing. Bar measures 3.64”x2.4”inch and 1.25 inch wide. Cedarwood soap is made from an aromatherapy blend of essential oils.

Shea Butter soap is packaged in biodegradable cello wrap and label.

Weight: 6.0 oz. – 6.6 oz.
Dimensions: 3.64”x2.4”x1.25”
Scented: essential oils

Palm Oil : Organic RSPO Sustainable
Safflower Oil: Non GMO
Coconut oil : Organic
Shea Butter : Organic