Grapefruit Mint Travel Size Products

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Grapefruit mint travel size body products are perfect for your upcoming trip or just a great way to try out the products. Travel size kit contains one two ounce body butter, one two ounce aromatherapy spray and a vegan glycerin soap which weighs 2.8 to 3 ounces. Products come in a natural cotton drawstring bag.

aromatherapy Mist is made from essential oils and mineral water.This great 2 ounce mist is packaged in a brushed aluminum bottle which you can recycle for many things. This lavender vanilla mist is a great room spray, car spray, office spray and even a gym spray. Natural mist is also safe to use on the body. Hold 6 inches from the body and spray. Always shake before using.

body lotion is made from almond, shea, jojoba, silk protein and vitamin E oil with essential oils.This grapefruit mint lotion is chemical free and animal free, great for moisturizing the skin Handmade grapefruit mint lotion is packaged in a 2 oz jar.

Weight: 2.8 oz. – 3.0 oz.
Dimensions: 3.0”x3.0”x1”
Scented: essential oils

Palm Oil : Organic RSPO Sustainable
Safflower Oil: Non GMO
Coconut Oil: Organic